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through to adv. 直到 [网络短语] through to 直到,通过对 Through Access To Literature 通过查阅文献资料 wade through slaughter to 什么意思及同义词 例句: These aims will be carried out through to the end. 这些目标将贯彻到底。

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put sb./sth. through to sb为某人接通电话 To put sb. through to把某人转到...(打电话用语) 比如:你打给转接台,你说Please put me through to 114.请帮我转接到114. 明白? 不懂追问~

from through 没有该用法 from to 1. 主要意思 (1) 表示“从……至……”“从……到……”.如: How far is it from your office to the bank? 从你办公室到银行有多远? We are removing from London to the country. 我们正从伦敦迁往乡下. I want a rope t...

get through to 英[ɡet θru: tu:] 美[ɡɛt θru tu] 使被理解,使明白;(电话)接通 [例句]But did the message get through to potential phone buyers? 但是那些潜在买家听到了这些消息了吗? get across to v.使…了解;使…接受 I keep hav...

1. He's through to the men's tennis 【final】for the first time. (他首次取得男子网球单打决赛权 -- 直译是 “通过进入到男子网球决赛”) 2. “How much is it to get into the concert?” (听音乐需要多少钱) “Oh, I think it's 【free】” ...

在信里用 to sb. , 中文翻译是“致某人的信'; 用 through sb. 的话,中文意思是,”通过某人转发/转送。“ 如果还有问题,请尽管问。

through to the end 有始有终 The two through to the end. 两个人直到白头。(意思是:执子之手,与子偕老)


【 work one's way through】:to do sth from beginning to end,eapecially when it takes a lot of time or effect 自始至终做(尤指耗费时间和或力量的事);deal with a large of thing 处理大量的事。 例:She worked her way through the p...

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