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thE i lovE you song

Riptide - Vance Joy I was scared of dentists and the dark I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations Oh, all my friends are turning green You're the magician's assistant in their dreams uh ooh ooh oooh uh ooh ooh a...

I love you I love you I love you my love I love you I love you I love you My love I wish there was another way To say the ting I want to say And not to have to say,I love you Another way to make a start To tell you what is in m...

Selena Gomez & the Scene -Love You Like a Love Song? 试听: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjc4OTM0Mjky.html

你说的一定是这首歌 SelenaGomez&theScene-《LoveYouLikeaLoveSong》 It'sbeensaidanddone Everybeautifulthought'sbeenalreadysung AndIguessrightnowhere'sanotherone Soyourmelodywillplayonandon, withbestweown Youarebeautiful, likeadrea...

英文原文: The I Love You Song 英式音标: [ðə] [aɪ] [lʌv] [juː] [sɒŋ] 美式音标: [ðə] [aɪ] [lʌv] [ju] [sɔŋ]

原文: The I Love You Song 英式音标: [ðə] [aɪ] [lʌv] [juː] [sɒŋ] 美式音标: [ðə] [aɪ] [lʌv] [ju] [sɔŋ]

是不是“because I love you”但我听的都是男人唱的,不排除你听的是两人对唱版本。

Love You Like A Love Song-- Selena Gomez It’s been said and done 一切都已尘埃落定 Every beautiful thought’s been already sung 所有美妙的感觉几乎都被唱了出来 And I guess right now here’s another one 我想 此刻又是一首爱的歌 So yo...

歌曲是 love you like a love song

Closer 的remix 歌名完整的是 Justin Caruso The Chainsmokers Halsey - Closer(Justin Caruso Remix)

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