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一般用在 谈判几乎快进入僵局时要互相让步。

It is not easy to meet each other in such a big world.SO please cherish - - - 后面应该没写完吧,cherish each other.“在这么大的世界能碰上是不容易的,所以一定要相互珍惜!” - - - 请采纳

你好,it's really nice for us to meet each other in such a big world 翻译成中文是:在这样一个大的世界里,我们彼此认识,对我们来说真是很好 ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。

你好! let us always meet each other with a smile,for the smile is the begining of love, 让我们总是微笑相见,因为微笑是爱的开始,

茫茫人海 你我彼此相遇就是缘


在如此大的一个世界里,我们能够相遇这对我们来说真的很美好。 满意请采纳

After a whole night thinking, I think we'd better not to meet each other, because it is a very actual problem. Chinese are usually subtle, it is ...


each time we meet love,i find complete love.without your sweet love,what would life be.so never leave me lonely.tell me you'll love me only.and ...

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