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一般用在 谈判几乎快进入僵局时要互相让步。

When people meet each other for the first time in Britain, they say “How do you do?” and shake hands(握手). Usually they do not shake hands whe...

你好! let us always meet each other with a smile,for the smile is the begining of love, 让我们总是微笑相见,因为微笑是爱的开始,

1. 表示约见某人、迎接某人、认识某人等,通常要用 meet。如: Where shall we meet (each other)? 我们在什么地方见面? We went to the station to meet her. 我们去车站接她。 Glad to meet you. 认识你很高兴。 2. 表示偶然遇到某人,可用 m...

It is not easy to meet each other in such a big world.SO please cherish - - - 后面应该没写完吧,cherish each other.“在这么大的世界能碰上是不容易的,所以一定要相互珍惜!” - - - 请采纳


I 2. — Do you often meet each other? — No, we don’t. But we can meet at the New Year’s party___. A. ... 展开 天使★※...

翻译为: meet each other 互相见面 例句: Anyhow, let's meet each other half way, how about 15%? 不管怎样,我们相互让步,15%的折扣怎么样? And the four of us will3) accidentally meet each other at the concert. 而我们四个会在演奏...

we have activities on our playgroung in our school. we meet each other every other day / every three days .

我们都很高兴认识对方 We are both happy to meet each other. 求采纳

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