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It's clearly 很显然 It's clear 很明显 例句 1 It's clearly regime one, so you see the terminal velocity right there. 明显是区域1,所以在,这可以看到终端速度。 2 It's clearly set down that you're not allowed to vote twice. 很清楚...

是it can be clearly seen(它可以被清楚地看到) clearly 用来修饰seen

It don't matter. 不是符合语法的英语,应当是 It doesn't matter. 但口语或非正式场合(比如歌词)里会比较常见这种用法。

"It is much farther... it is much more difficult...I realised clearly that something extraordinary was...And, besides, I am going to make you a ...

Come back clearly to me 清晰地浮现 Some can even make me cry有些令我哭了 Just like before一如往昔 It’s yesterday once more这是昨日的重现 (Shoobie...

翻译:在处理问题的方法中可以最清楚地看到这点。 在问题处理时可以最清晰地看到这点 O(∩_∩)O~ 我觉得这句子给的不是很标准、、大概意思就

how can i make it clearly? it hard to say with one word 提问者评价 ...How can I explain it clearly? It takes more than a few sentences to descri...

glasses or eyeglasses


clear If you don't understand it's best to say so and get things clear 如果你不明白这是最好的说,把事情弄清楚

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