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Lord of the Flies [词典] 童年无悔; [电影] 苍蝇王; [例句]An archetypal analysis of color, water and Simon in "Lord of the Flies" 原型解读《蝇王》中的颜色、水和西蒙

The story itself takes place on an isolated island. A plane has crashed, and it transpires that there are no adult survivors. Two English boys named Ralph and Piggy form the initial focus, as they begin to make sense of their n...

Sam and Eric - A pair of twins closely allied with Ralph. Sam and Eric are always together, and the other boys often treat them as a single entity, calling them “Samneric.” The easily excitable Sam and Eric are part of the grou...

THE ANANLYSIS OF Lord of the flies is here. sparknotesLord of the FliesWilliam Golding Get this SparkNote to go! < Previous Section Themes, Motifs & SymbolsNext Section > Chapter 2 Chapter 1Summary A fair-haired boy lowers hims...



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