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old daddy bears tube 老爸爸熊管 Old daddy is a beak in praenomen high school, educating the motherland's blossom. 老爸是一名中学教师,培养着祖国的花朵。 中年,japanese,daddy,oldmantube.org old daddy bears tube 老爸爸熊管 Old dad...

Lily's dad will leave for (leave for)Japan on business next Monday.

adj. 上等的,极好的(口语);服装华丽的 n. 花花公子;好打扮的人 根据语境再细化挑选一下,极好的/服装华丽的更年轻的日本人

my daddy and l were in japan in 1997 我的爸爸和我1997年在日本 希望能够帮到你! 望采纳!

lily's dad (will leave for)Japan on business next monday. 丽丽的爸爸下个礼拜一将去日本出差。

is leaving for


填写:from, in My dad is from Japan, but he's in China now.

为您解答 under beside 都可以

19 year-old Gao Shengxi (Li Junji plays the part of), the silence uncommunicative, the thought is mature, usually likes reading and pondering, in fact actually is grasps the oneself life and the fist fights the master, can to h...

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