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朋友 give it up有3种含义 1 放弃;鼓掌欢迎 2 欧洲流行 3 鼓掌 祝你中秋节快乐啊

歌曲名:Start It Up 歌手:Robben Ford & the Blue Line 专辑:The Authorized Bootleg Lloyd Banks Feat. Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Ryan Leslie, Fabolous & Pusha T - Start It Up Kanye West: What you gon do? It's GOOD Music and G-Unit Ug...

mop it up 主语是宾语要放在mop与up之间

look it up 查字典; 查找它 例句: 1.So the next time I need it, I can look it up. 所以下次我需要的时候,我就可以进行查询。 2.If you forgot something, you could look it up. 如果你忘记了某件事,你可以翻书查阅。 3.If I have trouble...

中文翻译为: keep it up [英][ki:p it ʌp][美][kip ɪt ʌp] 继续下去,不松劲; 例句: There are fears that he will not be able to keep it up when he gets to the particularly demanding third year. 有人担心他到了要求极...

keep it up 英 [ki:p it ʌp] 美 [kip ɪt ʌp] 词典 继续下去,不松劲 网络 不过我再也坚持不住了; 坚持下去; 继续 You're doing a great job! Keep it up! 你们干得非常棒!继续好好干吧!

翻译:让它起来 双语例句 1.The food is cold. let's warm it up in the steamer. 菜凉了,蒸一蒸吧。 百度翻译例句库 2.Get as many people out of the building, let it burn up. 尽量疏散更多的人,然后让火烧上去。 provided by jukuu 3.Let...

辞职 放弃工作 停止说(令人不愉快的事情)

Give It 2 Me written by P. Williams, Madonna 交给我 What are you waiting for Nobody's gonna show you how Why wait for someone else to do what you can do right now 你在等待什麽 没人会教你该怎麽做 何苦等待别人动手 Got no boundar...

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