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在交谈时都可以用: 1. It's fine with me.比较正规. 2. It's fine to me.可接受 3. It's fine for me.可接受 4. That's fine by me. 可接受 It's+adj+forsb+todo是什么句型 不定式或不定式短语作主语时,常用it作形式主语,避免头重脚轻,这时大多...

朱莉娅(女子名)建议玩游戏. 无论她决定玩什么,都是男孩子爱玩的

我很好 双语对照 双语例句 1 You want to shake hands with the devil, that's fine with me. 你想与恶魔握手,这对我来说无所谓。 2 I don't need to become a master-the basics are fine with me. 我不需要成为大师,只要学些基础的东西就可...

1.It's fine with me.比较正规. 2.It's fine to me.可接受 3.It's fine for me.可接受 4.That's fine by me.可接受

it is fine with me. 意思: 我没问题。


E.g. That’d be fine with me as long as Chinese are not being injured 那样对我(而言)很好,只要中国人没有受到伤害。

is it fine with you 它和你相处的好吗 is it fine with you 它和你相处的好吗


1That's fine with me我觉得那样很好 . PREP对… 本句可以看做固定用法 I wonder if you would take a look at the old library and make sure that it is in good condition.这里的make是行为动词并且及物sure是形容词 make sure是固定词组 知道...

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