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都是老外日常生活见面打招呼的口语,意为最近怎么样啊,近来如何埃 很像中国人见面说的最近在哪发财埃 只是打招呼的方式而已。 两个人走在路上见面就会说。 going和doing都一样。 不是你要干什么,你在做什么的意思。 这两句是非常地道的英语口语。

with 是在某方面。此句类似于 how are you getting on with your english?你最近英语学得怎么样?

D 考查状语从句的省略。第二个as是连词,引导状语从句,状语从句的主语和主句主语一致时,并且含有系动词be,可以把从句的主语和be动词省略。本句补充完整是Things are going as well as they are planned.所以选D。

问候的句子,意思是,你进来可好?=How are you?

how are you going these days? 是:你这些天过得怎么样 where have you been these days? 是:你这些天去哪儿了

I'll never forget how romantic they are 浪漫之...You really had me going 你真的已让我相信 But ...better hurry up before the sprinklers come on 你...

16、 Are you going on holiday?? ___.(1分) A、Not until next week. B、Three weeks ago. C、To Beijing. D、For only a day or two. 17、- I...

my be i going diemy be i going()my be i ...But if you wanna cry如果你想哭Cry on my ...Yes I show you what real love can do我会让你...

A. onB. ofC. inD. with28. () we see you again next year?A. Are...Haven’t seen you for ages! How's everything going? — ().A. Just ...

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