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小题1:B小题2:A小题3:D小题4:C小题5:B 试题分析:这篇短文中描述了一个勇敢的小女孩笑对闪电的故事。小题1:根据第一段A little girl walked to and from school every day.描述,可知选B。小题2:根据第一段When school was over, winds became ...

What a fine day it is today!

This is a bad day.

It’s so fine a day. 哈你哈伊卡 | 2017-08-02 0 0 其他回答 当然是 such a beautiful daysuch+a/an+adj.+noun such主要修饰名词 这里的修饰day ...

感觉还是首慢歌。 貌似都不对嘛~ 是三立的情景喜剧住左边住右边之全民拼幸福 第2集结尾表白的时候放的英文歌,谢谢达人帮忙~ 我有更好答案 ...

the important day of my life As for me now ,something always happen in my life .The big one ,the little one .something is very important for me .The most important day in my life is the day i receive the notebook for a permit i...

I don’t know why 我搞不懂为什麼 You think that you could hold me 你想说当你这样可以抱著我 When you can’t get by by yourself 就可以度过你的艰苦时光 And I don’t know who 而我不知道有谁 Would ever want to tear the seam of someone’...

No,he doesn't. 真是的,那些visitors摆明骗吃的,不过 Nasreddin 好聪明呵……同时也太好心了..不认识的也请吃饭

How fine a day it is today!


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