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BAnnErs ghosts讲的啥

歌名:Ghosts 歌手:JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW The moon holds the light 月儿蕴含着光华 And the moon's this spinning globe 它是一个旋转的球体 Shedding light upon the road 将月光洒在路面上 The bird won't fly 那鸟儿飞不起来 And a bird ...

There's a ghost down in the hall/大厅里有幽灵 There's a ghoul under the bed/床下面有盗墓者 There's something in the walls/四周的墙壁上似乎有什么 There's blood up on the stairs/沿着楼梯的台阶有血 And it's floating through the ro...

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