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A photo oF my FAthEr

a photo of my father's 中文意思是:一张我父亲的照片【照片上是父亲,不是别人】 也可以读作:A photo of my father 例如: It's a photo of my father and I.We are playing by the sea. 这是我和爸爸的合影,是我们在海边照的。 my father's ...

这是一张我爸爸的照片翻译here(is ) a photo (of ) my father

my father's photo 答题不易,满意请采纳!有问题追问!谢谢!

因为后面有father了 mine相当我my+sth

Look! This is a photo of my family. In the picture, you can see my father, my mother and me. My father is a tall man. He wears a white shirt and a pair of black trousers. The blue tie makes him looks handsome and confident. My ...

Speaking of a photo, I would like to talk about a photograph of my whole family. It was taken in a summer in 2003. The background of the photo is a radiological ward.My parents and I was sitting on the bed and wearing a happy ...

一般来说,"'s"结构都可以变成"of"短语,但是,并非所有的"of"短语都可以变成"'s"结构。所以啊,对于无生命的名词所有格最好还是用"of"短语。请看: the boy's new bike=the new bike of the boy那位男孩的新自行车 the twins'bedroom=the bed...

An old photo of my father's 是:属于我爸爸的一张老照片,这张照片是归你爸爸所有,但照片上的人不一定是你爸爸。 而:an old photo of my father, 是指照片上的人是你爸爸。

第一个:一张有我的照片(照片上有我) 第二个:一张我的照片(上面只有我) 第三个:一张我的照片(我所有的,各种的照片里的一张)

a photo of her是指照片里有她本人 a photo of hers是指这个照片是属于她的,照片里不一定有她。

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